Precious moments.

Yesterday I had one of these moments. These moments, you realise how amazing, precious and important our life and world is. The moments you realise that you are a part of this world, that your life is everything you have and that you need to value the little things you have.
I sat there with my best friends, my second family, on a tower, located on a little mountain overviewing our city. We watched the citylights, the sky and looked away into the distance. It was extremly calm. During this moment, there was just us and the life we had build in the last months together. Everyone had been lost in their own thoughts.
I thought about these moments. About other precious moments. I remembered the first days in the states. When Maxi, Sonja and I found the Hippietree located on the other side of San Francisco. I remember finding the swing hanging of a huge tree. I remember how we took turns, how everyone wanted to feel this moment. It was dark and calm end we enjoyed this sweet, amazing feeling of freedom. We saw San Francisco Citylights, we saw the golden Gate bridge. We saw our new city, our new life. We enjoyed every second of this moment. I learned to value my life and everything my parents have teached and given me. I was happy. Amazingly happy and could not thing of anything else, than sitting there and living the moment.
There are a few more of these moments. A handfull more, but thats all. Another one of these moments, was thanksgiving. In the morning I took my surfboard and left for Pacifica. For a morning surf. But unfortunately or maybe to my luck, there were no waves, but a lot of surfers just sitting or lying on their boards on the water, doing nothing. Maybe they waited for that one big wave. Maybe they just enjoyed the moment. I joined them. I lay down on my board, in calmness. Feeling the cold water around my feet and hands. Looking out to the horizon and beeing extremly relaxed. Everyone was lost in their own thoughts. No one talked. It was nice, it was one of these moments, you never want to leave and go back to your life. As if you could stay there forever, watching the movement of the water, watching the sky, the sun coming up. So many emotions.
There a a few more of these moments. Of these precious ones.
It doesnt matter where you are, everywhere on this beautiful world, you can find your own precious little moments. San Francisco, Lisbon, Capetown... I have my moments in the most different cities and areas in the world. Every part of the world is amazing. During this monet you dont care where youre from. It doesnt matter how much money you have, where you grew up, what you experienced in your past. The only thing, that is important is the "here and now", how you say in german.

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