Cityguide London

Here is a little Cityguide for London.
Based on my subjective view. My personal tips for travelling to London, staying there, what to do and what to see. Full List of things we have done at the end of my post! 

Travelling to London
There are a lot  of different ways to get to London.  We decided to take a cheap flight with Ryanair from a small lowcost Airport in south of Germany. We could have taken a Bus or train, but we would have lost so much of our time in London.
Ryanair can be extremly cheap- if you just travel with handluggage. But its pretty easy to pack for just five days. Ryanair accepts two handbags, so its not so dificult to get organised. 
Also if you decide to take a lowcost airline, the airport is often quiet far away from the actual city. Instead of arriving in central London we arrived in Stansed and still needed to take a 1hour Busdrive to the city. You maybe pay less for the flight, but you need to add twenty pounds only for the Busride to London and back to the airport. Anyways, it takes less time and costs less money as if you would take a train or bus from Germany. 
First thing I've learned when I arrived at the Airport in London: Never! Really never change your money there. We did not had the time to change money in Germany, so we just thought about doing it in London, but we forgot, that we need to have some pounds for the ride to the city. I need to say, that day I was a bit clumbsy and forgot about a lot of things. So non-traveler-like. So, yes we changed money and I thing I lost so much, because of the exchange rates. Urgh...
No worries, it happens, there is no perfect traveller. We all learn from our mistakes.
To get to London from Stansed you can choose between the train and different buses. Just check and compare the prises. We took the nationalexpress. But get ready to pay ten pounds at least!

Where to stay in London
I need to say, when I started backpacking, I got used to dorm prices between 12 and 20 euros. When I booked London, I nearly got a heartattack. The accommondation is so expensive. For one night in London we payed 24 pounds, nearly 33 euros! We decided to stay in the "Saint Christophers Inn (village)" in London. The Christophers is a Hostelchain with locations in Berlin, Paris and other capital cities. I like the one in Berlin, because of the Bar downstairs and the great atmosphere.
But you can still definitely say, that we werent there in the high-tourist season and that England is not such a Backpacking country as south and eastern europe is. Maybe because of the high prices.
The "christophers inn" has some great pro sides but also a big minus. I need to say: I need a kitchen. I dont care if there is no kitchen if I just stay for two days, but staying in such an expensive city for more then a weekend and paying for restaurants and streetfood everyday is going to get you very, very poor.
A good alternative to staying in Hostels is Couchsurfing. We did it in Brussel and it was a really fun time. 
We had the chance to stay, for our last night at a friends house. I met Matt in Budapest and in Vienna over new years and we decided to meet up. He had a great appartment in the suburbs on the 22. floor with an amazing view. Second thing I ve learned in London, when someone says he lives in the suburbs of London, do not think its a short ride to central London. In reality he could have said he lives in Manchester or Edinburgh or wherever. Feels like the same time you need to get to central London...

Things to do in London
I need to admit, concerning Sightseeing, we did not do the typical tourist attractions. Neither big Ben nor the London Eye was on our list. Not because it isnt interesting, the thing is, I saw it some years ago. I ve already done it. When I am travelling I thing, its nice, to do some of the tourist stuff, but as well to discover secret hotspots or just spend your freetime like natives would do. 
What is nice about London, that there are a bunch of secret little places to go to, where you wont find a bunch of tourists. 
Therer are urban little markets, streetfoodplaces, rooftopbars, parks etc.
I need to say I became a huge friend of urban places, little streetfoodcorners, parks, cute cafes. Just that lifestyle, pretend to be one of them instead of being the german tourist. 
On our last day we hung out with Matt and another Londonder friend at one of theses markets. Just enjoyed the sun, ate something and talked a lot. I really love London and I know I want to come back for some days. Its even on my "I would love to live here for a while" list. 
The quality of life is amazing. London is one of the biggest cities in europe with its 8 Million habitants. Its huge, amazing and truly the city of fashion and fame. 

Here a list of things we have done:

Markets we went to:
-Borough Market-
-Camden Lock Market-
[streetfood, clothes, crafts etc]
-Covent Garden-
[food, shops]
-Maltby street market- 
covent garden

Bars, clubs & Rooftopbars:
-adventure bar-
[during weekend: more a club than a bar]
-the verve-
-Ruby blue bar-
[expensive, but has a little rooftop]
-Queen of Hoxton (Rooftop)-
[nice to chill in the sun]
-Skygarden (rooftop)-
[amazing view, online reservation-for free-]
-One new Change (rooftop)-
[fancy restaurant, but you can chill and have nice view next to the restaurant]
-Suhisambar (rooftop)-
-Ministry of Sound (club)- 
[one of Londons most popular clubs]
-Fabric (club)- 
[one of the worlds best electronic clubs]

-One new Change-
-Oxford street-
view from one new change

-London Eye-
-Big Ben-
-Madame Tussauds-
-Tower of London-
-Tower Bridge-
-Picadilly Circus-
-Buckingham Palace-
-Sankt Pauls Cathedral-
-Globe Theater-

[for free in London]
-British Museum-
-Tade Art museum-
-National Gallery-
Millenium bridge

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