5 things I've learned while travelling europe

Travelling not only means  going on adventures, meeting new people, having fun, escaping from your daily life and  enjoying a great time. It also means to learn about new cultures and new ways of lifes. Seeing different things from different point of views. Learning and enriching yourself. Nobody is a perfekt traveler. Everyone started somewhere. Everyone who started his very first trip did mistakes. You enter a new country. A new culture, a new way of life. Some countries are easier to travel to, some a extremly difficult. The religion, the daily life, the culuture, the food...
In Europe of course, there are not these extrem examples, but there are some huge differeces between some countries and their culture. Its always good to learn some basic words in the language of the country youre going to visit. Learn about dos and donts. These are the basic things you need to know. But thats not all you need to know. You never know, until you re there yourself.  You learn some small, little things, you find out, what is important for you and what you can do better next time.

I have a little list of things I ve learned during my travels. They're not about basic stuff, more personal little reminders for next time I am going on a trip.

1. If you travel Europe, get ready to mostly meet americans, asians and Australians. Europeans are travelling to south america or australia and americans and australians come to Europe. For them Europe is our american dream. The "lets do a roadtrip after College" thing.  You will always find a bunch of travellers from everywhere, but not really your own country. There are a lot of new stories and it doesnt matter where you are, the people are the impostant parts. You could be at a Hostel in your own City and have the best time ever, just because three american guys had the funniest ideas of how to spend their days in exciting germany.
So basicly it doesnt matter if you travel far away or just stay in your own country, everything can be an adventure with the right people by your side.

2. You will miss your own bed but you would never give up the backpackers life, just for the comfort. Backpacking is not always comfortable. I know, that maybe Europe is still better concerning comfort than maybe other places are. But it doesnt matter where you travel, there will always be some days, where the most comfi thing were the hard airplane chairs at the terminal.
Travelling is not always comfort and luxus. For us luxus is to be able to experience all these things, not just to hear about them from others.

3. You easily find friends, but get ready to loose nearly most of them after your travels. Yes Facebook is there, to let us stay connectet, but I bet, that most of the people live for the moment, not for the sad " I Miss you " s in Facebook.
Of course you can have the luck and meet amazing people, that will always be there for you. But mostly traveling is for connecting with people who share the same interest concerning this subject.
And I met a bunch of people, that I can still call my friends. But this might be five percent of the people I ve ever met during traveling

4. Travelling opens your mind.  I had stereotypes, I had ideas how everything should be in life. For me, the most important thing about travelling is the internationality. You will never have a better chance to meet new people while travelling. You find out that russians do not drink wodka all day and are rude, that french people are not always baguetteeaters and that germans do not wear leatherhosen all day long! Its still pretty funny to talk about these things with other travelers.

5. The difference between travelling during high season and low season. There are pro sides and contra sides for both. Travelling high season means a lot of tourists, higher prices, maybe extremly hot days. But it also means, that you can meet more people, your hostel is more alive, the weather is amazing for the ocean. Travelling low season has its good parts as well. Less people, you dont feel as much as a tourist as you would in the high season. Colder Temperatures might be better for things like hiking, sports etc. but it means as well that your hostel is calmer, that you might meet less people than you would do in summer. It always depends where youre going to and what you want. Travelling Hungary was amazing in winter. Espacially over new years. Lissabon in low season is great too. But it was still a bit cold and instead of many great backpackers we had a school class at our Hostel. But it doesnt matter what time of the year you go. Traveling is always great.

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