Nepal: planning my first real Soloadventure

This year - 2015 - was meant to be my "exploring Europe"-time. Why always leaving so far away, if there are amazing and wonderful places just some hours of travelling away. 
Belgium, Hungary, Austria, Portugal, England, Poland, Italy & Ireland. These have been the destinations for the year. Still I havent been everywhere yet.
But for next year I knew, I would like to leave Europe. I did a lot of thinking and browsing. Needed to find some ideas. I know its often, that I have an idea in mind and changing it during the next months.

This time I know when I want to leave and how much time I have. Around four weeks. And I know where I want to be. 
First I thought about travelling southeast Asia. But- and I am sure south east asia is amazing to see, and its still on my list- right now I have the feeling everyone who wants to travel is going there. Its like everyone has been somewhere over there. Thailand or Indonesia. Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. I hear the stories, I see the picture, it seems to be amazing. But right now, I dont want to go to another country to be surrounded by germans and tourists. Of course one day I will explore these places aswell. Its for sure amazing there. All the nature, the different culture, the beaches, the people... 

But I want another kind of adventure, not just any Backpacking Trip. 
Nepal. One of the top places I want to see in my life. (My list includes right now: Alaska, Iceland, Chile and China). 
Why Nepal? I dont know. I think its one of the most underrated countries. Everyone is talking about India, Thailand, Australia, NewZeeland when it comes to this part of the world. But no one is saying any word about Nepal. As it would not even exist. Maybe this the point why I love the idea about it.
I need to say, I did not know anything about Nepal before I started to learn about it. I did not even know the Capital city and now some weeks later the letters are always in front of my eyes. KATHMANDU. 
So what is my plan? I first thought about doing volunteering and travelling. A combination. I thought about volunteering for 3 or 4 weeks and travel for two. But after seeing what you need to pay to be a volunteer for a month I might just go for travelling. 
I dont have an detailled plan yet. I mean its still nearly a Year ahead. I know that I want to leave beginning Febuary and returning beginning of March 2016. I know that I want to fly to Kathmandu and stay there for two weeks. I searched for Hostels, for great things to do. For restaurants and Tempels. For sights and fun things to do. 
I googled a lot about the safety. I need to say, I would not like to go to India, alone, as a white blong woman and travel there. I read and heard a lot. I thing its just not safe enough, I bet it is an amazing country, great things to see and everything and I am sure one day I will go, but just not alone. 
But Nepal is not India. Its between China and India and it is different. I mean I am also not saying that France and Germany is the same, just because we re close to each other. 
Anyways, Nepal seemed to be an amazing place. Of course I should not walk around like I would do in my own town here. I need to learn about the culture, the rules, maybe learn some basic words. Adapt myself and be openminded. 
After staying in Kathmandu I would love to see the Nationalpark in the south of Nepal. I read a lot of blogs talking about that park. Sleeping in tents, seeing wild animals, doing walking tours in the Dschungle and most of all see and cooperate with the Elephants. 
Next to Kathmandu and the Chitwan Nationalpark I would love to do some trekking tours. Not the dificult ones, cause I am not in such a good sport kondition. Something easy, where you can still have the full Nepal experience. I read about the Everest Base camp (Its not located on top of the everest- that would be totaly insane haha)  and thought how amazing it should be, but I know I could not make it, even if its not on top. I try to be realistic and not planning things where I know I could not do it. Maybe one day, but not yet. A good alternative trekking route that people take is the Annapurna route. I would not want to do all the route. You would totally need 18 days, but I would like to do maybe some trekking for three or four days with a tourguide. Just go and explore some of the mountains. I bet its amazing. I want a mix of City-exploring, relaxing, Dschungleadventure and Trekking. 
I need to plan a bit more, read more, get more informed and then I hope to find a cheap flight and I am off! 

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