London Impressions!

Sorry for the late post! But finally, after some busy and great days in London, I found some time to relax, think about everything and write my thought down!
First of all! London is amazing- okay, I think every capital city of this world is amazing haha- but London, for sure is impressive. The mix of old and new architecture, skyscraper next to cathedrals and typical old monuments... 
We arrived in London on Wednesday morning. After strating in Memmingen (An Airport, that is so small, you barely believe there can be any plane flying to, somewhere in nowhere) we landet totally excted in Stansted. Still an hour away from London.

After changing money in the Airport, (NEVER change money in an airport, I think half of my budget get wasted because of expensive rates haha) we took the Bus to London. After buying the overly expensive tickets, I started to believe the fact, that London is expensive! 
We endet up in the Liverpool street trying to find our way to the Hostel. Not as easy as I thought it would be. After visiting Lissabon or Vienna, London with its eight Million habitants, is quiet huge.
We took  the metro to get to our Hostel and there the second problem appeared. We changed to less money. We could not even pay the Hostel, that was more expensive that I thought it would be. Maybe I just mixed up Euro and Pound. I need to say, I was a bit clumsy that day anyway. So we run to the nearest Bank and I got my money.
Second Problem, we totally forgot that there are not the same electric sockets as in the rest of Europe. So yeah lets buy an adapter for 6 pounds. Its not that I am a pour student haha.

After checking in we wanted to explore London a bit. Instead of buying the Metro card we bought accidently a Bus and Tram all day ticket for another five Pounds. I think I totally got up with the wrong foot that day. So we explored London by just taking any bus we found somewhere and getting out somewhere else. Next to some sightseeing, we walked next to the Themse from Bridge to Bridge and just enjoyed the sun. That day was the hottest day of this year so far ("oh, be happy you arrived on the most  beautiful day!"  Maybe the stereotype of a lot of rain and cold days is not as wrong, because we heard that sentence a lot of time!). 
After buying some food for the evening, we headed back to our Hostel and found out that we do not have a kitchen. Well.. we endet up eating five days long  sandwiches, Yogurths and Streed food. 
During the night we did a Pub Crawl that started at 7.30 in the evening. I am used to go out later the night and not so early. After five bars we endet up in a Club near Trafalgar Square.  I need to say I was a bit disappointed about the oub Crawl. But I think its just because it was on a wednesday in April. Not high season not weekend. The guys did everything to make it good and during the end it was better. At two in the morning we tried to get back home. We took a bunch of different buses and found back after an hour. 

The next morning we met Matt during the breakfast. He s an american who just moved to London for some months. He showed us the Borough market that was not so far from our Hostel. I love these kind of markets. All the food and the great smell of it. 
We walked to the Tade Art Museum- doing something cultural and over the Millenium bridge. I need to say, during our stay we did not do so much of the total tourist stuff, because I already saw Big Ben, London eye and co. 7 years ago. 
We tried to find some local hotspots and be more the traveler than the tourist. 
During the afternoon we went to the camden market! Such a great place, a lot of food, little shops with stuff. Little streets, a bunch of people. Just a great atmosphere.
On our second evening we were in the Bar of the Hostel with Matt. We first played some table soccer with two Aussies and later we were upstairs hanging out with some people. A friend from Vienna whos from London, James came to the Bar as well and we spend our time together. Its still Thursday, so the Nightlife was not as intense as it got on the weekend. 
On Friday Vanessa and I went for some shopping. We spend nearly all day in H&M, okay just kidding, maybe an hour and I bought some outfits. I need to say the Fashion in London is amazing. All these beautiful looking people. I have never seen so many people walking around in Suits, dresses and Highheels on the middle of the day. I think I got kind of a suit-fetish after that vacation haha. You barely knew where to look.
Later on we went to the rooftop bar of the Shopping center. We went up with the elevator, we looked so casual. When the doors opened the first thing whe thought was: Oh my good, wrong location. 
Suits, Cocktaildressed, rich looking people, champaign. We looked at each other a la: "Oh my good, I feel so wrong here".  But we found out that there was just a totally expensive bar at the rooftop, but you could also just walk around and watch the Skyline without entering the bar. During the same time, there was a photoshooting of two bikers. We watched for some time and it was so amazing, to just see some professionals doing there job. We were definitly in the city of fashion and high life. 
Firday night was great. We were downstairs in the bar, playing some beerpong with some british guys. Then we sat all together, talked, had fun. With the night going on we even started dancing and it became really crowded. Even Matt who was working till late, joined us. That Night Lucia came from Germany. She arrived at midnight and spend the rest of the night with us. It was so great to see her again and it was nice that she came along with Vanessa. The night was pretty funny and I liked to have two of my closest friends with me in an amazing city. 
Saturday we met another Matt, the Matt from Vienna who was with James, anyways, we planned to stay at his place for the night, because we did not booked the last night. We went to a grocery store first to get some stuff. I bought three packages of Bagels! Oatmeal, Cherrios and Dorritos. The food that I loved in the states, that you cannot find in Germany.
With a bag full of food we arrived at Matts place. He lives in a Skyscraper on the 22nd floor and has an amazing view. 
We did not stay long, because we wanted to met John, a friend from Budapest, who was in London. 
We ended up on a rooftopbar "Queen of Hoxton". Enjoyed the sun, and our getting back together in London. Later on two british girls came to our table and we had some conversation before we left back to Matts home for soccer. 
His brother already had some friends there and we watched the soccer game, Chelsea against Manchaster. We all ended up eating Pizza, drinking and having a fun night. Later we went to a Bar in the City and were dancing till two in the morning. So many people, the music was great, the location. What a good night. We had to catch our plane at 7 in the morning so we went back to Matts place to get our stuff and leave for the Airport at 4 in the morning. Such a busy night. We did not sleep. Maybe some minutes during our bus ride. The time in the airport was horrible, I was angry about the security Check that was so unwell organised. Its like they tried to puch a hundrets of people through the Security and being mad if we re not fast enough, but still you need to take of shoes and nearly all your clothes haha... Oh man, but we did it. We sleptover the flight and arrived back in Memmingen. No sleep all night. Best thing was, I went to work two hours after our arriving. But after 36 hours I finally could sleep!!! 
What an amazing trip! 

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