Dude, we're ready for London

18 hours left. We (Vanessa and me) are still sitting in one of our university lectures. Plane tickets, GoPro and  excitement packed in our handbags.
We're so ready!
After seven years I will finally be back in England. The very first country I visited with my friend Lucia. We were 13, on a study abroad vacation in Eastbourne and did some daytrips to London.
I remember us in the London eye, in Madame Taussauds and in Harrods. I remember us walking around the streets and trying to find the right metro station. Definitly to less time, to get the full London experience, anyways, I guess, with 13 you we re maybe able to explore London a bit, but not to really live it.

Tomorrow is that time again, the time I drive to the airport and start my next Citytrip! 
This time with my friend Vanessa. Vanessa and I met the first day of college and after hearing that I am always doing these fun in between travelling with my friend Lucia she wanted to join. 

While we ll be staying for five days, as I did in Lissabon, Lucia will just join us from Friday till Sunday. 
We try to find again a mix of Sightseeing, culture, nightlife and adventure. 
Maybe it seems like I am always doing the same kind of travels: Citytrips, Hostels, Sightseeing and Nightlife. But its not only that. Every city is different. Every city has its own "magic", "spirit". The history of London is a totally diferent one than the one of Lissabon. Culture, Atmosphere, architecture or food is never the same. Its always an adventure. Its something I can afford to do. I can not always pay for big trips around the world, but at least once a year I try to do something bigger. 
I love meeting new people, exploring great places.. Thats what I like, aswell that I like adventure trips to Mexico, Roadtrips in the USA or trekking vacations in Nepal. 

London here we go! Ready for another great Trip! 

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