How traveling changed my life

I think, I was born to be a Traveler. Starting with my parents taking me to our grandparents to France or Austria. Continuing with family vacations, exchange Programms and safari adventures with my dad! The fist trip I have ever done on my own was 2008 with my best friend Lucia. We were both 13 (!) and went to Eastbourne (England) to learn Englisch in a language School. Since then, Lucia and I are best travelbuddies. 2012 Lucia and I (Just 17) left to the south of Spain for six weeks as Aupairs. Living in different families in a country with a Language we just spoke for a year. 2013 followed a two-weeks Spain Roadtrip including three big cities. Since that vacation I loved Backpacking.

My Aupair and College Year started then in August 2013. During this year I saw New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Hawaii and Mexico. A true Adventure lover was born. 2014 and beginning 2015 we visited 5 capital cities of Europe. 

But after all these years of adventure I ask myself often how I would be if I would never travel. I know that I'd be shy. That I would have problems speaking with people I dont know. That my sense of orientation would be much more worse as it already is. But what else? 
During my travels I changed my attitude about a lot of things. I have never been interested in certain countries because of the prejudices. Never wanted to go to eastern countrys like Hungary, Russia or Poland. Always had these images and stereotypes in front of me. But after my hungary Trip I was so, so positive surprised that I already booked my second trip to Budapest (Sziget Festival in Summer). 
Also my language Skills would be much worse. I know my englisch is not the best one (And with this blog I also try to imrpove my english by writing articles in english). But my Spanish and French skills also got better. I can communicate in a lot of countries in its own language. 
Learning another language in another country is easier than it is in classes at school or university. 
What else changed? I feel more independent, open-minded and mature. By meeting so many international people on your travel I also learned about different countries, stereotypes and to just laugh about language problems ( I mean try saying Squirrl as a non native speaker! Its impossible- but everyone at your evening dinner table is laughing).
Also I learned a lot about different cities, the culture and the history behind them. If I would not be travelling I would not know so many people in so many different countries! On basicly every continent, but Southpole, I know people that I could visit or meet. They would always have a free bed for me, so would I have for them! 
Even if you dont have the money, a trip to the next big city can be as adventurous. It always depends what you make out  of it. Your own attitude decide how your trip will be for you. 
 There is so much I could say about traveling, why I love and enjoy it. 
Traveling is freedome. Its sugar for your soul (german expression ;)) 

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