Portugal, aqui estou!

Ola a todos!
Tomorrow is the big day. Lucias and my trip to Portugal! I am really exsited and I cant believe that its already that time of the year again. The traveltime. It feels like I came back from Budapest just yesterday!
Many people say Lissabon is the San Francisco and Sao Paolo of Europe. I hope thats true. I am really excited to explore this capital!
I am so ready for walking tours, action, sightseeing and barhopping!
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The To do List

do the hostel walking  tour [] 
(without making excuses)

Visit Sintra [] 

see the cristo rei [] 
(and feeling like being in Sao Paolo)

meet some portuguise people[] 

Drink and eat portuguise traditional food [] 

take a lot of typical tourist photos[] 

explore some famous bars and clubs[] 

do pubcrawls[] 

go shopping [] 

get patches for my backpack[] 

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