Lissabon - a daily diary

Lucia and I spend five days in Portugal. Next to Sightseeing and celebrating, we went for surfing, nationalparks and scooter tours.
We stayed in the Yes Hostel Lisboa and had an awesome time. We met a lot of great people, most of them us americans and canadians and  explored the city, the nightlife and the Lisboa region together.

We went to one of Lissabons most famous Club, ate a lot of Indish food (dont ask us why we ate indish food in Portugal), nearly got a  new tattoo.. (long story) and did some other crazy stuff.

Lissabon day five:  The Todo List and our flight back home

do the hostel walking  tour [x] 
[we did it! 2 1/2 hours yay]

Visit Sintra [x]
[I have never walked so much in my life... at least it felt like that]

see the cristo rei [x] 
[ I saw it from the other side of the bridge. I guess thats still counting]

meet some portuguise people[x]
[I guess that was not so hard- I mean we re in Portugal, a place full of portuguise people]

Drink and eat portuguise traditional food []
[well... we ended up eating a lot of indish food]

take a lot of typical tourist photos[x]
[a lot of photos and a lot of videos]

explore some famous bars and clubs[x]
[Urban Beach club was the only famous club we went to, but at least we went to one]

do pubcrawls[x]
[oh yeah... three nights in a row]

go shopping [x]
[we spend half an hour in h&m that should be enough]

get patches for my backpack[]
[forgot about that one...]

On Sunday we had to take our flight back home. As always, we were really sad. But the next adventure is on our list and Lissabon is an awesome memory! I had a great time. Met a lot of people and saw a bunch of new things and sights. 

Lissabon day four: 

On Saturday Lucia and I met Evan and Dan to go to Sintra. Sintra is known for its old 19th century romantic architectural monuments and is now classificated as UNESCO world heritage. 
We took the train from Lissabon to Sintra, that took us round about forty minutes and costs 2,50 euros. 

We spend the afternoon walking around in sintra and to the Sintra-Park. It was really amazing. All the nature, the old monuments, ruins, caves and waterfalls. We took a lot of videos and photos and the guys made fun of us while hiding in the dark caves. Anyway Sintra was really great. I bet we walked around eight kilometers around that city and even up to the castle. The castle entry fee was around eight euros and after already paying the fee for the sintra park we decided to just go walk back down. After a long day of walking and exploring Sintra we got us something to drink and to it at a Burger Place and went then back home.
We signed up for the Dinner, as we did it on Friday and met the people from the days before. Again we played cards and drinking games, talked a lot and had a lot of fun. For our last night in Lissabon we decided to do the Pubcrawl again. Walking and walkig and walking. I should be in good shape till now. But you can definitly feel, that you have done a lot the last days. I was tired and everything hurted so I went to bed at two in the morning. Lucia and I anyways needed to get up early to catch our flight back home. 

Lissabon day three: 

On Friday Lucia and I split up. She rented with Evan and Dan scooters and went exploring the nearby places and  Cascais.

Nick, Jake, Jess (The crazy Canadians) and I went to Cascais for surfing. We took the train in the morning and made our way to the nearby fishermens city. The city itself is amazing. A little, sweet City with old architecture, small streets and little shops where you get food and tourist stuff. We explored the city and ended up at the castle. Jess and Jake wanted stay there and Nick and I searched for the Surfschool of Cascais.
They told us that the best waves to get is half way back to Lissabon so we headed to the little Surfertown. It was amazing. Like a california surfing beach. There was a long beach at next to it many surfshops and cafes. The waves were intense, huge. There were a lot of people and a lot of surfers. Everywhere surfer running around with there shortboards. There was a big Surfcontest going on that Nick and I watched for some time. Later on we searched for rental boards and went to the ocean ourself. It felt so good to be back in the water. Okay, I was freezing my hands and feet of but it was totally worth it. Also I could just take the white water waves, because the real ones where four to five meters high! But still it was amazing.

We met up with Lucia and the others back at the hostel. She had an amazing day as well. Lucia, Evan, Dan and I signed up for the hostel dinner, where you get free sangria and real menu. The evening was awesome. We met a bunch of people and played drinking games, ate, talked and just had fun. We laughed at each others english or german. And had all in all a fun evening. Later we decided to join the pubcrawl. Lissabon is a great city during night. You just need to know where to go to!

Lissabon day two: 
On our 2nd day here in Portugal we did a walking tour to explore the city. So after a nice free breakfast we started our sightseeingtour with our Portuguise Tourguide. We learned a lot about the history, some cool places, streetart and had a lot of nice views. 
We actually wanted to visit Sintra during the afternoon but we thought it would be better if we spend an whole day there, because its still a 60 minute train trip. 
So we decided to go for some shopping in the afternoon. For Lunch Lucia and I made some Pasta and got then ready for our shopping afternoon. Well we did not really find anything haha so we did not spend so much money! 
During the evening we watched the movie Eurotrip with the Hostelmembers and had some fun time. Later on we went to a cool surf bar in Lissabon with Nick the Canadian guy and drunk some good caipirinha. We also met some people from Sweden and shared beer and stories during the night. 

Lissabon day one: 

Its cold when we arrive at the airport. Our flight is at 9:50 and we both cant wait to escape from this cold winter weather. After checking in nothing can stop us and we re really happy to get away again. 
When we land in Lissabon it seemed like it would be extremly hot outside. Nice blue sky, a lot of sun, but actually it was still a bit freezing. But after experiencing this cold winter in Germany 16 degrees feels so, so good! 

First thing to do, find our Hostel. Not so dificult because Lissabons public transportation system is very good. Four metro lines, buses and trains. You basicly cannot get lost. 
After checking in we were so hungry. Havent eaten since the morning... So Lucia and I went on a little adventure to the grocery store. With a lot of food, including pasta- because we re students--and 2 litters of "Tinto" we walked back to our place. While some dudes were watching american pie on the big screen in the  common room, Lucia and I made some sandwiches and relaxed for real. 

Later on we met Nick an Canadian Geologist who was on vacation with his 5 other canadian friends. He was really fun and we decided to go exploring the city together. Best way to do this is just to get lost. We wanted to go up go the castle, but it was already closed when we arrived. No problem, there is much more to explore. While Nick told us about freezing -30 degrees in canada we enjoyed the city and the streets. 
We got some new inside jokes about medium sized Girrafes (Dont even ask!;D).
Later we met Nicks friend Jake from Yukon and they invited us to a indian dinner in the city. We agreed and had a fun evening. We ate some curry and Naan! It was funny. Two germans girls wirh two canadian guys eating in an Indian restaurant in Lissabon. Never been so international haha. 
We enjoyed a fun evening and the guys said they d go to bed early because of their wine tour tomorrow (they said they need some cultural stuff to do... Next to drinking an- oh wait.. They still drink.. Just on a higher niveau). So lucia and I decided to join the pubcrawl. I need to say, we had better ones. especially in Spain. Most of the people joining where definitly not the most inteligent ones and the bars we went to were also not good ones. The last club was alright. Pretty fancy. The Urban Beach club. we stayed until 3:30 and left for home then. What a long day! 

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