How to enjoy your Skitrip to the fullest

Do you know that feeling that you get, when you're standing on top of the mountain, enjoying the view, breathing in the cold air, feeling the sun on your face and can't wait to take some runs. 
Its one of the best feelings you can get. 
But it always depends on a lot of things, if you really want to be free, enjoy the mountain, have fun and feel the adrenaline. 

To begin with,  the time of the year is important. During Christmas and new years vacation its hell out there. Full runs, long lines infront of the lifts. If you really want to enjoy your ride you should 
not go when everyone has vacation. Best times are mid January until the easter vacations. Also on weekdays its less full then it is on weekends. Of course if you re going skiing to meet people vacation time can be as much fun. But if you really just want to go Skiing and enjoy the mountains go when its less full.

Also, if you really want to enjoy your time out there its important that you re well dressed. I know how it can be if its totally freezing out there and you re wrong dressed. You cant really enjoy it. Your hands are freezing, your feet as well. You re lips are so frozen you cant even talk. Its not fun. Its always better to have more clothes on, you can always put them off if its getting warm. And you really dont want to get a cold or a flu just because you thought you dont need an extra sweater. 

I know you cant really choose the weather out there, but going skiing when its minus twenty degrees, snowing as hell and the view is less then two meters is not fun. Sometimes you really cant change it. But if you have the chance, wait for the nice days. Especially in febuary, march, there are a lot of sunny days in the alps and you can enjoy your time much more. 

What else... yeah skiing is expensive. The ski pass, the food, the skii and shoes itself. 
How can you safe money? If you know you will just go for some hours, dont take a full day pass. You can safe so much money if you take the halfday pass. Also take some food with you instead of spending a lot of money for food up in the mountain. Instead of paying 30 bucks for some skiwater and austrian "Kasspatzen" you can take some sandwichs! Also you should think about if you spend less money if you buy your own skiistuff or if you rent it for two weeks, 

All in all, Skiing or snowboarding is always fun. With friends, family or alone its always worth it and it feels so amazing! 
Enjoy it. 

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