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Lissabon - or its actual name Lisboa - is a great city to go to if you want to escape from the cold, snowy days in north europe. With its 16 degress in mid-febuary you cant really walk around in hotpants and tanktop but you also do not need skisuit, gloves or winterboots. Its a perfect escape for a weekend. The sun is out, the sea is two streets away from your hostel, sangria, party, sightseeing, new friends... and the list goes on.
Lisboa has a lot to offer. Next to Sightseeing, old monuments and history you can just chill out next to the see or explore the fun nightlife!

Where to stay in beautiful Lisboa?

It always depends what you re looking for. As a student I would always recommend Hostels or Couchsurfing. But thats of course a personal opinion (cause I am a huge fan of hostels!!). If you like to socialise, spend time with international backpackers, go out in the evening and do walking and sightseeing tours with others, these accomondations are definitly the best ones, and it really does not matter in which city you are. 
In Lisboa we stayed at the YES Hostel. Listed as one of the Party Hostels in Lisboa. Next to the Yes Hostel, the G-Spot Hostel should be a good Party Hostel as well. 
If you like the idea of staying in a hostel, but you re just not a fan of a lot of party and noisy, alcohol-rich nights you can still stay in more calm hostels. But it really does not matter which hostel you re staying in, there will always be some loud drunk people somewhere. Because face it, most of the guests are young people, backpacking or travelling around europe. A lot of them travel alone, wants to meet people. Get together. If you re just not that kind of person, thats still not a problem, but then be carefull what kind of hostel you book. In our hostel,  for example was a school class of twenty french kids between ten and thirteen (For gods sake, they just stayed a night). I mean, if the teacher complains about noises and a bunch of drunk people, they should not book a party hostel for a Lisboa field trip. 
Get informations, google, ask other people, be organised. Then you ll find what you re searching for. 

What to do and see in Lisboa? 

Portugal and espacially Lisboa region has a lot to offer. In comparison to Budapest, where most of the action happens in the city, you can see and experience a lot of cool things outside of Lisboa itself. 
But first at all, what is great about the city itself. The city has a long interesting history and as well interesting buildings and architectures. The four most interesting quarters of Lisboa are Bairro Alto, Belem, Alfambra and Baixa. Most of the nightlife happens actually in the Bairro Alto. Alfambra is mor ethe historical part of Lisboa. Known for its streetart, castle and old houses. 
Here is a list of some interesting things to see and to do in Lisboa: 

- Take the historical tram number 28 - 

- Elevator de santa Justa - 
 build by a student of Eiffel. For its 5 euros, not really worth it, there are nicer views from free spots
For example: Chupito (7st worlds best terasse)

- Castello de Sao Jorge - 
nice to take a walk up there, but for 8 euros pretty expensive 

- Cristo rei statue - 
feels like being in Rio

-Praca de comercio- 
Main place of Lisboa

-Sé Patriarcal - 
oldest church of Lisboa


also great to see: Belem, Cascais and Sintra! 
Sintra is a little city 40 minutes away from Portugal. Its known for its nature, nationalpark, castle and beautiful monuments. Always worth to see it! 

Transportation in Lisboa? 

Lisboas Public Transportation system is really easy. There are four metro lines. The blue, red, yellow and green one. From the airport you can directly take the red one, change lines at Alameda and drive to Rossio. You re in the middle of Lisboa in only 35 minutes. 
Also there is the train, leaving from Rossio trainstation going directly to Cascais or Sintra for only 2,50 euros. 
If you want to take the metro you need to get a recharchable card that you can buy for 50 cents at every ticket maschine. For the train you need one as well, but you need a different one. 

Nightlife in Lisboa?

Lucia and I did not know a lot about Lisboas great clubs and bars so one night we just left the hostel and walked the little streets for ourself. In Barrio Alto there are a lot of different little pubs and bars. 
Here in Lisboa you first go to a bar until midnight and then you leave to bigger clubs at round about 1am. Dont worry if at eleven or twelve the club is empty. People stay up late here and leave for bars not before eleven pm. 
Urban Beach and Lux are two of the best clubs in Lisboa and a must go for every party lover! 

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