The Budapest & Vienna Trip {a daily diary}

Day 1 - Budapest
Here we are now. In Budapest. We have -14 degrees and its freezing! 
On Monday we took the railjet train from Munich to Budapest. A long eight hour trip. First we had some good seats, but then the people who reservated them showed up. Unfortunately the train was extrem full! A lot of people sat on the floor. After passing the crowds in the middleway we found a place at the end of the train on the floor next to a chinese couple and some hungarians. Later on we  meet a Hungarian guy and we spend the last hours smalltalking and hanging out. 
Finally we arrived in Budapest. It was really cold and we needed a lot of time to find the hostel. Normally i am used to know the language. But hungarian is really different!! 
Finally after getting lost, way to often, we found the hostel.
We slept in the Retox Party Hostel! Its an underground, alternative Hostel. Every day and every night Party. You dont really get any rest! But i guess that is the fun part of it.
After checking in we went to get some groceries and got some sandwiches from subway! We were starving!
Already at eight we were in the Bar downstairs starting drinking and socialise. 
After playing some beerpong we left for a ruin bar to meet the people from our "sisterhostels"! It was awesome. A lot of people played live music and everyone was dancing on the tables and singing! 
I ve made some great goPro videos that i might share as soon as I am home! 
It was a pretty long day monday so at three in the morning i was already sleeping like a baby:D 

Day 2 - Budapest
After a long night Lucia and I wanted to join the walking tour in Budapest. Unfortunately, maybe because of our lack of orientation we did not find the group, so we started out own Budapest walking tour. Beginning at the cathedral, we walked to the famous ferris wheel. Always with the goPro and the selfie stick. Later on, already freezing, we met some polisch guys near the chain bridge. Actually it was the first time i really met some polish guys. Definetely an interesting culture ..

Lucia and I walked up the castle on the other side. On the left side of the river, more in the hills, was the Buda part. On the other side. The flat one was Pest. Now togetger Budapest. 
The city is really beautiful and the view too! It was really cold walking and exploring the city but it was really awesome. Part time the sun was shining and I guess it was a great decision to go backpacking in winter. Budapest is a winters city. we need snow and cold frezing days.
In the evening we all hang out at the common room. lucia and I made some dinner and later on a lot of other hostel guests came and we played drinking games and had a lot of fun. While the other ones left for the Sparty (party at the famous baths) we went to the bar downstairs and met some french guys! We hit the road to another bar and we lost Lucia on our way. But she went to a bar called INSTANT. We went to the jewish quarter and celebrated over there! 

Day 3 - Budapest
Wednesday we slept till 2pm in the afternoon. Finally we got up and picked up an Australian guy to go sightseeing. We decided to walk to the famous castle and baths. As soon as I am home I will write down some do-to-budapest lists and tipps. 
We walked round about 30 minutes and came to Lilliestrat and the rembrand museum! (My art professor should be excited to hear that I went to see some art works). We also visited the huge castle in the park before going to the baths. 
The baths were amazing. Its huge. The price is 15 euros but its totally worth it. There were round about 20 pools and one huge outside pool. I guess this one the most famous one. Walking around with my go pro, swimming, having fun with an outside temperature of -20 degrees and a 38 degrees hot water. It was incredible. I hope i am not getting sick!! 
In the evening we got preperad for new years eve. everyone was again meeting up in the common room. Later on we went to different hostelroom parties and ended up in the bar downstairs. 
There we met the french people again and we all left at midnight to OKTOGON. The main square of the city. Everyone met there and we waited together with champagner and fireworks. It was a huge  party on the square. So many fun. 
Happy new year to everyone!!!!

Day 4 & 5 Budapest
Thursday was a really calm day. After celebrating so much into new years, we all were so tired. I think we spend most of the day at the hostel with our people. Cooked some food and rested. Later we started watching some goPro videos and started some drinking games. Again we were celebrating all evening. But we were so so tired! We did not do too much. lucia and some people left for a bar later in but I just went to bed.

Friday was our last day at Retox. We made pasta for breakfast and our french friends made some french oatmeal-choclat-milk-stuff. I guess I prefered the pasta...
We checked out at round about 10am. Two german friends of us said they were driving back to munich and would pass Vienna so they picked us up at the hostel. It was so sad to leave!
Retox was our family. We had our little "house" our friends, our people, and it felt  so familiar. Like we lived there for ever. 
I started missing it directly. The atmosphere in this hostel. 
Anyways we needed to leave to vienna. i could have stayed another week, definetely!

Day 1 - Vienna
Friday we arrived in Vienna. After driving with our friends for 3 hours we reached the city and the hostel. Before checking in the wombats hostel we walked over the Vienna "Nashmarkt" a great international market where you can get a lot of fruits, kebabs, spices and chinese food.
I need to say, after Retox Budapest we were a little bit disappointed about wombats. I mean its a nice place. The staff was nice, the rooms are awesome and clean. The kitchen is amazing. We dont want to critizise that. The only problem we have is, that it is such a huge hostel that socialising is more dificult as it was at the familiar small hostel from budapest. In Budapest we knew everyone. We were kind of a family. Everything was easy going. It was a party hostel. Maybe there it was not as clean at is was in Vienna, but it had more that backpacking feeling. Here in Vienna there are so many people. a lot of groups and also families and older persons. I mean its a nice hostel definetely, but not what we were hoping for. In spain, berlin and budapest everyone cooked together, played card games, drinking games and spend time together. unfortunately here everyone seems to be on their own, also if there are a lot of people. There are no organised pub crawls or activities. 
But we met Matt again and we got to know in the bar some finnish and korean people. So after some warming up and drinking we decided to go partying in Vienna. We went to the splash club and stayed till early in the morning!

Day 2 -  Vienna
On the second day, we slept till early afternoon! Its so funny, in budapest, when we woke up at noon everyone was still sleeping. Here, when we wake up at noon we re the last ones sleeping. 
Of course its nice that you can get your sleep during the nights here... But still, the adventurous fun athmosphere is missing.
Saturday afternoon we walked to the citycenter. We visited the monuments, castle, naturmuseums, parliament and so on. It is really nice. Great architecture. nice to see! Before leaving we walked over the Naschmarket and i bought a lot of exotic fruits while lucia totally got lost at the spices.
For dinner in the evening we made some risotto, while our korrean friend made pasta aglio y olio. We met matt and James (australian guy) later in the bar downstairs and played some billiard. also the finnish guys joined us later. At round about 2 we left to our rooms. so much party. 

Day 3 &4 -  Vienna
On Sunday James, Matt (from the Billiardgame yesterday), Lucia and I went to visit the Schönnbrunn castle in Vienna. The Sissi Castle. Actually it was not as impressiv as I thought it would be. Maybe because it was winter, just a little bit snow and no real flowers and green impressiv gardens. Anyways we still walked around and climbed up to have a view over the city.
We just had a little bit of time cause the guys needed to get a plane later that day.
Lucia and I made a relaxig afternoon sleeping and chilling in bed. Still we could get up to see what was going on in the bar downstairs. We quickly met some people playing pool and after two beer we were a huge group playing together and having fun. 
We met Collin from the Navi stationated in Italy, some indish and South american guys and two new zeeland girls. Later on also some Australian people. It was a  blast. We never had thought that our last night would be as good. But all in all its the people who are fun, not the hostel itself.
The next morning we left at 8 for our bus to Vienna. After hurrying up with breakfast we came punctual to the station and hit the 5 hour trip to munich. Back in town. Back in the country..

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