Announcing Lisboa and London

Like Lisboa, London was a really.. spontanious idea. I booked Lisboa with my friend Lucia on my birthday in November. But till now, it was just a trip in the future, not really reality. Now there are just 30 days left over, till I ll fly across europe. And I cannot wait!

London aswell was not planned. I sat in a Cafe with my friend Vanessa from Augsburg and we were browsing "Just for fun" on the ryanair website. Well.. after seeing a flight for 30 bucks, I said: "should we book it?"
And Vanessa said: "Well.. okay lets do it!". No organisation, we just booked the flight. And later on the Hostel.

Even Lucia booked a flight from frankfurt to London. So we ll be joining her in London in April. And maybe we ll have the opportunity to meet up again with the people we meet in Budapest.
Its so exciting, this moment, when you click on "book now". You re full of joy and adrenaline.

 A lot of people, who already visited Lisboa said, its the San Francisco of europe. I think I already fell in love with that city! The views, the nightlife, the food, the people. I can totally imagine, that Portugal is an awesome country for backpacking.
London should be extremly expensive. Our Hostelroom was twice the price as the one in Lisboa. Also the food and the nightlife should cost a lot more money. I dont know yet, if London is as much a backpacker city as Lissboa is. I guess, we ll just see. You just learn from exploring.

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