Coming home.

I need to say, I loved this trip! Of course it was not 24/7 fun,fun,fun, but most of the time was unforgetable. All the people we met, all the stuff we did. Sightseeing, clubbing, socialising, hanging out, celebrating. New years eve was amazing. I can always recommend to leave your cozy hometown and go travelling over new years. I miss this trip every second. I guess its the post-vacation-depression. And if you are one of us- the travellers - I guess you already know what I am talking about. Worst thing about travelling is to come home.
Not because you dont like your city, your family or friends, its just, that you need to leave an adventurous, awesome time behind you. All the goodbyes and see you soons... I always try to have a next trip planned, so that, when I come back, I can still be a bit sad, but I would always know, that there is soon another adventure on the way.

My next adventure will be Lissabon in mid-february and London in mid-April (everything booked and planned! I am happy!)

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