Cityguide Vienna

 Vienna is a great city, located in the east of Austria not far from Hungary and Bratislava. Vienna, known for its monuments, architecture and culture is a great hotspot for culture and sightseeing lover, not so much for international Backpacker.

Where we stayed in Vienna
In Vienna we stayed at the Wombats Hostel. After the party Hostel in Budapest, the Wombats Hostel was extremly relaxing. The Wombats Hostel is also represented in Munich, Berlin, Budapest and London.
The Hostel itself is really nice and clean. Huge kitchen and common room, but you will not get the "being home and familiar with everyone" feeling like you get it in small hostels. There where so many people from all over the world but a lot of people where not as social and communicate like the ones you meet in small familiar hostels.
Also there were no pub crawls or activities (excepted the walking tour).
In the bar downstairs, you get some drinks and you can sit or play billiard, but as a single traveler in wombats Vienna its more dificult to meet fellow travelers. 
(After a lot of reading I found out that the Wombats Berlin should be totaly different concerning socialising then the Vienna one).
In my opinion Vienna is a great city for culture and sights, also for going out during the nights, but not the real backpacker destination.

The sights we saw
Vienna has an awesome culture and history. Walking in between the huge, old and majestetic Monuments in the Museum Quarter gives you the feeling to be in a totaly different world. You can nearly imagine, how life has been during the 18century and beginning 19th century.
We visited the Opera, the Parliament, the Stephansdom, the spanish horseriding school and the "Palmenhaus". Everything located in the middle of the city, the Museumquarter.

Another day we took the metro to Schloss Schönbrunn. A must-see if you stay in Vienna. Unfortunately it was not as nice as it is in summer. A lot of the Garden and Park behind the castle was closed and because of the snow and weather everything was icy and cold. I can imagine, that it would have been nicer if everything would be green with flowers and trees. 

What else to do during your stay
Our hostel was located next to the Nashmarkt. A huge international market where you can get a lot of food. Especially turkish food, fruits, a lot of spices, indian and asian kitchen etc. Walking over the Nashmarkt is like entering a whole new world. You feel more in south east asia then in Austria.

Go and eat some cake and drink some Coffe in Viennas popular "Cafehouses". Unfortunately the prices are not always the lowest, but all in all you can feel the Vienna spirit.

 During our stay, we spend our nights discovering the Vienna nightlife. 
We wanted to enter the "Volksgarten", but unfortunately some of our people ( we left with some finish and american people) where not 21 yet and after deciding that we all want to stay together we kept on searching. We found to Austrian guys who told us about "Splash" a fancy nightclub. A lot of people with suits and fancy expensive drinks. Musik went from early 2000 to new electro beats from today.

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