The traveler is in her twenties now.

Hello World! I am officially in my twenties now! That feels kind of weird. So "old". But I should definitely not complain. 
I celebrated my birthday with my friends in Bavaria. We met at my apartment and celebrated into my birthday with loud music, german beer and a lot of laugher. We were a small number of people but it was real fun. For living in Bavaria for only 2 months now, I guess I really met a lot of great and fun people who I can call good friends now. 
The next day I had a four-hour ride to my folks in Frankfurt. I picked up my best friend Lucia on my way- the girl who shares a lot of cool Travel adventures with me- and we drove the last hour together. I really missed that girl! 
We spend my birthday with my Parents by eating raclette, visiting the "Weihnachtsmark" (Christmasmarket) and opening presents. 
Well, I guess the next travel videos will be legendary. I am now the owner of an awesome gopro3+. I cant wait to try it for the first time! 
Lucia and I have also another anoucement: 
We decided, Hungary and Austria wont be enough so we just booked five days Lissabon.
We will be flying to Portugal some weeks after our new years trip.
It was a really spontanious idea and we searched a long time for a cheap flight for exactly these five days and endet up with "Kerry- Irland" and "Lissabon- Portugal". Lissabon won;) 

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