Tips for Backpacking [Spain]

When it comes to backpacking a lot of people thing about Australia or Asia. But Europe can be as adventurous as Down under or south east Asia is. 
While traveling in Spain, my friend and I met a bunch of different people. A lot came from Australia or the states. They call it "Euro Trip", backpacking around Europe via Busabout or Interrail. We barrely met Europeans (when it comes to Backpacking around the country). Of course its much more exciting to travel Australia as a German then Europe.
Lucia and I are huge Spain fans. The culture, the language, the food. Everything has this southern touch.
We visited a lot of different cities and places. From Touristcities like Barcelona and Madrid over to the cities Valencia, Malaga or Granada. Not to forget about Rhonda, Marbella and Almeria.
Everything began while living in Marbella a whole summer. We learned to love and live the Spanisch way of life.
Its hard to decide which of the cities I wrote down is the best one, because everyone has its own special "touch". 
First of all, travelling Spain is definitly less expensive than the northern countrys. While you find cheap AND good hostels for 20 euros in Madrid you need much more time to find that price categorie in Paris. 
So basicly you need a way to get to Spain, Hostels and rides in between the cities. 
If you book early enough there will always be a cheap flight to Spain. Others prefer taking long bus tours and save maybe some coins with that. But all in all, while backpacking you will spend a lot of time traveling around, you really dont want to start and end your trip with a 24 hours Busride to the south. 
Finding hostels was also not the most difficult thing to do. Backpacker need Hostels (or Couchsurfers) but you deffinitly dont want to spend so much money on Hotels, where you will anyways not get the Backpacking experience you re seeking for. 
We uses the site, great site, but it cracks your nerves when you want to pay the deposit money and you dont have a Credit Card. 
Important for choosing your Hostel is of course not only the price. You can spend 15 euros and end up in a pretty shitty place miles from the city center. Or you can spen 15 euros and have the time of your life. 
If you want to know for sure about the hostel you dont read the positive feedback but the negative. 
We personally just had awesome Hostel Experiences. Boy we met great people there. A good Hostel should deffinitly have its own kitchen. Meet other Backpackers there, cook together and spend awesome nights with drinking games and Pub Crawls. Go into a Hostel without Kitchen, Walking Tours, Pub Crawls or activities you will be soon bored. 
It of course depends on what you want. If you re just there for getting to know the city you dont need any of this. But really, Pub Crawl means Backpacking. 
I must say I did not like Barcelona as much as the other cities. Too crowded, too many people to many tourists. A lot of pickpockets too. But of course there are great places to visit there. Do some tourist stuff, walking tours and Pub Crawls. Spend the day at the beach and the nights in "Ryans Irish Pub! (Must GO!!!). 
If you dont have so much time for backpacking a country dont spend to many days in one city. Sometimes three days is really eough to learn about a city and have your fun. After four or five days you will starting asking yourself what you wanna do know. 
So what did we do, we took a Bus to travel from city to city. ( The Autobus system is really advanced and befor "meinfernbus" und co. it was better improved then the german ones.
Not only that the train costs much more money its also a bit more adventurous. We really got stuck with the whole Bus in a Hospital Entrance and some police guys and a lot of other people needed an hour to get the bus out of there! 
Also definitly be aware of pickpockets. They play tricky games with you and if you dont take care, your money will be gone. Hasta La vista. Stuck in anothe country with nothing left over...
The Clishee that blond girls should not walk alone nights in huge cities is not that wrong.
I need to say, that I was often happy to have some guys with me or my friend Lucia (both blonds). I cant remember how many times men stared at us or started "flirting aggresivly". You really dont want that. Its not a Joke if someone tells you to take care not to be raped. Of course you should not walk around spain and be scared all the time. With a bit human awarness you will have a great time!

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  1. Du hast einen wirklich sehr schönen Blog, hab ihn durch Ina entdeckt! :)
    Ich werde dir auf alle Fälle folgen!

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