Always new plans

Its always the same.  I have an Idea and  in the end I change my plans.

We wanted to go to Greece next summer. It was a big vacation that we planned for 2015. Unfortunately my friend Lucia does not have the same days off as I have... So we need to change our plans for 2015.
Right now we have Dublin, Irland, for March planned as a weekend trip. Also there will be a second weekend trip in summer, but we are not sure about it yet. Planned is maybe Budapest.
I know...  Its always the same with us. We have plans and we end up in a totaly different country. We wanted to go to Amsterdam in August. We went to Brussel... Well things changes sometime ;) Here a map about the my plans for travelling... The green flag stands for the countrys I want to visit for sure one day and the red ones for these I will see next year =) 

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