A weekend in Brüssel

Belgium. This was the first trip with my best Friend Lucia after she came back from Australia. We both are truly adventure seeker and we wanted to do a little trip to a new city. 
We decided to not really plan anything. We packed a little bit of clothes and met in Cologne. From here- Cologne- we had no plan. We did not know how to go to Brussel, where to sleep there, what to do and how to come back. We sat there in Starbucks and tried to find some car-sharing possibilitys. Finally we found Samy. A french guy driving from Cologne to Brussel. He said he had some space and that he would meet us at 4 pm at the train station. Now we had a ride. But no place to sleep. While drinking some Starbucks Iced Tea we had the idea of Couchsurfing. We logged in and searched some people who would have a couch avaiable for us. I mean it was really spontanious. But after writing to four people the Belgium guy Guillaume answered us and gave his okay for his couch! We had it. A ride to Brussel and a place to sleep. 
Samy picked us up at the train station. He is a funny guy with a fun french accent in his german. We laughed a lot while we drove to Belgium. He made us listen to some of his french rap Musik and we told some jokes and insiders. After some hours we arrived in Belgium. In a quarter called Ixcelle. Here on the Place de Flague Guillaume said he would pic us up. It was really weird, because Lucia and I have blond hair and from the first step on Belgium territory a lot of guys wanted to talk to us or flirtet. But finally Guillaume and his girlfriend came. He told us we would have a dinner and a Party with other Couchsurfers this evening at his house. So we brought some stuff at the supermarket and walked the little streets up to their appartment.
The Party in the evening was really great. There were two other german students who where couchsurfing at a friends house and in the late night we were nearly 15 people partying, drinking, playing card games and dancing on the table. 
The next day, with a little headache, Lucia and I took the map and tried to find our way in Brussel. We wanted to see the Atomium and to do  some Brussel sightseeing. The Atomium is really huge. I have never thought it would be as impressive as it is. Also the city itself is great. The Palais, the huge parks, the city center, the european parliament... Brussel is a nice city but unfortunately we just had Saturday afternoon to explore. 
The evening the Couchsurfing guys decided to take us out to some bars in Brussel and we spend the night till three in diverse cozy bars, drinking al kind of belgium beer and Absinth. 
The next day, Lucia and I needed to find a ride back home. This was the first time of our trip, where we really had problems. I found after long searching a ride directly to Frankfurt and Lucia found one to Cologne. She drove to the airport to meet the car-sharing guy, but he never came. I was already on my way to mine when she called. I did not know what to do. She drove the way to the Trainstation where I was, but my Guy was already in hurry and wanted to go. Finally She found someone driving and she had a possibility to go back to Germany. She was so stressed but we made it home.

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