The classic french life

France. You smell hundret of different spices in the air. The market is full of people. Everyone wants you to try their specialities. From Olives to Fisch over to fresh Paella and Cheese. We are in Pézenas a little village 12 miles from the mediteran sea.  Between huge winefields, little villages and small farms. You walk between the marketplaces and get all impressions of the french culture. Pezenas is really just a small town but known for its street market. The french life. The olf french life. Spend the morning in the village, the afternoon at the mediteran sea, having your feed in the cold water and watching over the scene and just enjoying the classic summervacation. 
Sometimes you make barbequue. Fish " a la Plancha" and dip your feet in the cold water of the Pool next to you. My heart always belongs to France. Half of my "blood" is French. You just have to love it.

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