The Trip to Chicago - stop in Berlin

Germany. 2nd July 2014. Let the journay start! I told you guys about my trip to Chicago and finally the day came and I took the Bus to Berlin. My first destination withsleepover. My flight was settled for 9 am in the morning of the next day and cuz I never went to Berlin - yes Traveljunkey who never saw Berlin, shame on me- I thought it would be great to have a night over there. 
I drover with a bus company from Frankfurt to Berlin ( for 22 Euros. The drive is of course a bit long (7 hours) but at least not as expensive then the train (89 euros or the carcharing (33 euros).
After the long drive I arrived at the ZOB in Berlin. Not knowing the way to my hostel. I took the Metro to Alexanderplatz, took some tourist fotos and asked some cops where the Airport Bus for the next day would be. Then I walked the 15 minutes to the hostel. The hostel was the "Christiophers Inn" very central next to Alexanderplatz. The hostel has a Bar in the first level and a lot of rooms over the bar. The night has cost 20 euros and like all the hostels I visited before also this one was awesome. The people, from all over the world (mostly Canadians, americans and Australians) are always awesome. You meet somewhere, often the first question is , where you're from and then you just talk and tell stories about all your travels. Hostels are a meeting point for all the Traveljunkies who like to Backpack or to have a great time with some international people. 
We were sitting all the evening- and I was traveling alone, its just so easy to meet people, in the bar downstairs, drinking talking and having a good time! Berlin for a night is great but I hope I ll have more time to do all the pub crawls and Walking tours one day. 
The next day I drove with the TXL Bus from Alexanderplatz to Tegel, just took me 40 minutes and costs 2,60 euros. 

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  1. ach bei deinen bildern bekommt man gaaaaanz gaaanz großes fernweh!!

  2. Jaa ich würd am liebsten durch die ganze Welt Backpacken. Aber es ist einfach so teuer manchmal...