Indiana & Wisconsin - outside of Illinois

USA. On two days we left Illinois to visit the neighboorstates Indiana and Wisconsin. In Indiana we drove to the National Lake Dunes near Gary. Maybe an hour away from Chicago. The way is easy to find. Between old little cities and Industrial areas. After paying the entrance fee of the National Dunes Park of 6 Dollars we parked a bit away from the beach and walked down to the water. Everything reminds you of the sea. Its not even like a lake. A bit weirdare  the Industrial Buildings far away to the right and to the left of the beach, but that did not really take to much of our attention. 
On our Way back I wanted to get some Postcards from Gary. I collect them so I needed one from Indiana. Well. I did not found them but we found Michael Jacksons birthhouse. I just googled Gary for some Information and thanks Wikipedia for the outcoming information. Its really just a little, small house in one of the Streets and the only thing that shows you that it was Michael Jacksons, was the huge Gravestone with some flowers in the front garden. 

In Wisconsin we drove up to Milwaukee. Actually I expected a little bit more about Milwaukee. First of all, its not that its not a nice city. But we walked on the Mainstreet and there we re barely any people. It was like dead. I dont know if we just had the wrong day or because of the summer break of the Marquette University- where I actually brought a College Hoodie and a Collegeblock for my other Collections haha. But anyways I mean the city was nice. We went to the Harley Davidson Museum- Jep Millwaukee is known for their motorcycles, to a Sandwichshop and to the University. But I guess after seeing San Francisco and Chicago and New York, Milwaukee is just a little nice city that you need to explore more than I have. 

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