Chicago Downtown

These are the four Top things we have done in Downtoan Chicago.

The Willis Tower with its 527 meters, is the third tallest Skycraper in the world. The Skydeck up there in the 103rd Floor is the place to be if you want to have a view over the city and into three other staates. The 19 Dollar Entry Price is totally worth it. We did the mistake and went on a Saturday. We nearly waited for over two hours just to enter the Deck. Also when you are finaly there you also wait in a long line just to enter one of the four glasboxes. It is really amazing once you are there. You feel like you are on top of the world and everything under you seems to be so small and tiny in this moment. Its really a great place to go!

The Bean, also called the cloud gate is a skulture from the british artist Anish Kapoor and its the central Artwork of the Millenium Park. Its a typical tourist attraction and the place is always full of people taking fotos or selfportraits in the shiny metal of the bean. Its really nessecery to see it if you are in Chicago! 

We also went to Hancock Tower / The signature Lounge on the roof. Its also a really tall building not far from the Navy Pier. The signature lounge is a fancy bar located on the 95th floor. The walls are made out of windows to have an amazing view over the nightskyline of Chicago. Insider say- and I saw it too- that the best view is the view out of the womens Bathroom. With 16 Dollars per Cocktail and a long waiting line for a table its totally worth it to do it at least once!

On the fourth of July we walked to the Navy Pier. Its a great place for families or for just hanging out. There are a loot of Boat attractions (Speed boat, Cruise ships) starting at the Navy Pier. There are also some amusements activities, a indoor Garden, some Shops inside + I Max cinemas and you can do a nice walk aroun the navy pier. On fourth of July we watched the Fireworks from there and celebrated the independence day.

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