Final Countdown - and my thoughts about the US

7 days left over until my trip to the states. 
I already applied for the ESTA. Its kind of a visa-free traveling. You can apply for it online, pay 15 dollars and you can use it for 2 years. You can stay a maximum of 90 days but you can come back for other vacations without applying for a new one! 
Also I printed out my e-ticket, filled out the APIS paper about informations about you, because the american governement needs specific informations about every passenger that lands on american ground. 
Everything is a bit like last year, before I flew for the first time of my life to San Francisco. I needed my J1 Visa, the I 94-Form and a lot of other paperwork. This time I need not as much as last time cause I am not staying for so long but its still exciting!  I really barely cant wait to enter the country that I learned to love! I cant wait to drive on a highway, also  if there is a speedlimit, I cant wait to drive a big truck, to drive on lonely roads between huge trees to see an amazing nature, to drive to the beach or to the mountains. I really love this country. Of course not everything is so amazing about the states. I mean Europe, Asia etc is also amazing. Everything has its pros, and contras. The social system, education-college system in Europe, or especially Germany ist much better then in the staates. You pay - comparable to the states, nothing to visit an university. There are always pros and contras, but thats not what I am thinking of when I say, I love the states. I love all the nature, the mountains, Nationalparks, big huge Skyline citys, the lifestyle and so on. I already now, if I would have the money and the Job I would deffinitly move to California. I would not think a minute of it. Sometimes I am getting so bored in my neighborhood here in Germany. The time I had in the states was so amazing, that sometimes I really think it was just a dream. And that  it takes me back to my reality and im sitting there, watching it raining and thinking, what the hell do you want to do today. 

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