Chicago plans 2014

Yes I am flying back to the states! I miss it. I miss my Bagels, my Hersheys, Peanutbutter and the awesome lifestyle. I m going to visit a really good Friend there and my best Friend Maxi (the one doing all the trips with me) will be joining us there. I booked my tickets already in Mai but I wanted it to be a surpise for Maxi (I needed to tell her finaly because of all the organisation). 
I will leave to Chicago the 3rd of July and stay in Chicago over the 4th. We ll do a Roadtrip down to Indianapolis, drive to Columbus and head to Detroit. We try to do 4 staates. 
We just have it in mind  but we need to do the exact plans soon. We need to think about a car, the nights and the money. But it will work out. Maybe we ll also drive to Wisconsin. We dont know yet. 
I just know that in 22 days I will be flying from Berlin over Amsterdam to Chicago! And I am so fucking excited about this trip! I still need to see a lot of parts in the US! 
Its so amazing if you think about what I have seen and visited in the time this blog exsits. Its like.. wooaaaa. all the fucking world is out there waiting to be discovered by me! yay! 

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