Roadtrip Nr. 3 - Three states trip

California      -    Nevada      -      Oregon


Day 1

Start:  6 pm from San Francisco 

driving up to Oakland via Bay Bridge 
driving the E 80 to Vacaville and change to the 505 north
then change to 05 north. 
stop in Redding and in Dunsmir 
Ending up in Weed. 

Booked Hotel there.  (90 dollar)
284 Miles - 4 hours, 16 min

Day 2

Start: 9 am from Weed. 

driving to the 97 north to Oregon.
Enter the State. 
Change to 39 south and then to 161 south. 
Enter the Lava Beds National Monument

Cave climbing in Lava Caves.

Change to 139 south the to 395 south.
Stop at Eagle Lake and Honey Lake. 
Stop in Susanville. 
pass Reno 
Ending up in Carson City. 

Hotel night there. (Holliday Inn, 95 Dollar) 
350 Miles - 6 hours

Day 3

Start: 3 pm from Lake Tahoe

driving 50 down to Sacramento 
change to 80 to Bay bridge, to San Francisco 

215 Miles  -  4 hours

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