Roadtrip- nevada, california and Oregon

Day one: Friday

Today we drove from San Francisco all the way up to "Weed". It took us round about  5 hours. We drove a lot of time on small Highways through the lonely California nature up to Oregon direction. 
When we first saw the "bear" signs and the "Snow" ones we knew, it was not far away from the mountains, the snow and the Oregon state. 
We spend our night in Weed in the ComfortInn. A small easy  Hotel. It was clean, calm and really not in a area where you find a lot of people. It was really a calm Roadtrip. We did a lot of things, but it was not a party Roadtrip. 

Day 2  Saturday

In day two we startet our way up to Oregon. We drove long streets inbetween no civilisation. It was such a great feeling to just drive the small long roads in between all this loenly nature and hear good old roadtrip music. What an amazing time over there. 
We ended up in KlamathFalls. We acutally expected a bit more about our first city in Oregon. But it was really a small one with old buildings and it was all so country like and old. Just so typical lonely americain. 
We drove later down to the Lava Beds National monument in the middle of nothing up there at the Lavabeds lake. After driving one hour inbetween the nothing we finally found the visitor center. The people working there just gave us some Lights and send us to the caves. It was so dark and deep you really needed to crawl sometimes but it was an amazing expirience! 
Later in the afternoon we hit the road down to Nevada to our next destination. Carson City. 
Unfortunatly we choose the wrong city. We should have taken Reno as our city to sleep over. Carson City was just really really small. And we ended up in the Holliday in and in some local bars! 

Day 3 : Sunday

Sunday we drove from Carson city down to South Lake Tahoe. We spontanious decided to go Skiing in the Mountains! This idea was really good. We had sun and perfect weather. The village down there in Heavenly is really nice and we could rent some stuff for not so much money. 
I need to say that I prefered going skiing in Heavenly then in Northstar Ski resort, because i think that Northstar is a bit more visited by the "richer" part of the Skii tourists than the Heavenly one. We also met some German People up there in the Mountains and after a long day in the snow we hit the road back down to San Francisco! What a great time!

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