Past: Slowenia and Croatia Trip 2013

Since there are still two weeks till my next Adventure I d like to present one of my past trips I made last year to Croatia and Slovenia!
After traveling through Germany we crossed Austria and ended up in our first City: Piran! 
Piran is one of the cities located at the sea. 
Our Hostel was located on a little hill in Portoroz- next to Piran. 
And our visit in Slowenia startet with our bus, get stucked on a small street up to our Hostel. The very first day, after a really long Bustour we walked down to the small city to get first Impressions! 

The next day we went to the "Scocjanske Jame"
"Due to its exceptional significance, Škocjan Caves was entered on UNESCO’s list of natural and cultural world heritage sites in 1986. International scientific circles have thus acknowledged the importance of the caves as one of the natural treasures of planet Earth."

If you plan to come visiting Slowenia you should deffinitly plan a stop at this awesome place! 


After our Stay in Slovenia we drove to Rovinj. This city is located in the north of Croatia at the sea. We just made a Daytrip to that city. You walk on small streets between huge old houses, you eat Icecream, smell the taste of the sea and just enjoy the moment!!
- Next to the ocean you pass some really old houses- I guess not the very best part of Rovinj, but it has its own typical feeling,. 

Croatia is also known for its great Hiking and climbing Mountains. There was a national Park where we started a guided tour up a mountain. With a lot of water and food we begun to hike up the Mountains. And the view was amazing! 

Zadar - Biograd was our second Destination where we slept over some days. Biograd is known for the Camping and Mobile Home Places, in the season (Oktober) when we left, there were nearly no Tourists so we had our Mobile Home Area for us people. 
On the first day, we made a snorkling tour into the national park. We had a boat which drove us up to one of the small Islands 1 1/2 hours away. 

The second day we made an Excursion to Krka Nationalpark. We took a boat driving to the middle of the Park and saw an amazing Waterfall where you even could go swimming. Unfortunately our day ended up in an huge Rainfall!

On our way back home to Germany we passed the Plizwicker Seen. This is one of the most beautifull places in the world. (Thats why its unter my top 100). It is definitely one of the greatest places you have ever seen. Full of nature and wildness!!!

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