Europe Trip July 2013: SPAIN

Spain  July 2013. 
Backpackin Roadtrip. 
Traveling by: Bus & Plane
with Lucia G. 


DAY 1 to 3 in Barcelona
Our flight was from Düsseldorf to Barcelona. Because of some problems they had to change our Destination Airport and we landed in Reus, a small city 1 Hour away from Barcelona. We were taken then by bus to the original destination Airport. I had printed out some maps and Metrolines befor our travel so we could find our way around Barcelona.
We both had our big Bagpackers on our shoulders and tried to get to our Hostel. 
Hostels are always a great destination for Backpackers. They are a meetingpoint for people all over the world!
Our Hostel was really great. I can really recommend it. If you want a great, not to expensive way to spend a night in Barcelona, you should never miss the opportunity to try out Hostels.
A nice, fun and new Hostel (2012) near the center of the city.
The great thing about it were that everyone was open and nice. You shared a kitchen, even your food. You sit together in the evening and play cards or drink wine. You always meet great people. Also to visit the city or to do pubcrawls and walking tours.
Thats a great way to have fun together.
I need to say, that I really like Spain and the way the people live. Barcelona is an awesome city, but there are a lot of toursits. We would have prefered to come here during the non-tourist times.
For Partying I can definitely recommend the irish Pubs over there. There are a lot of fun people and its always a great time. Also never miss pubcrawls.

Dont forget to try some paella and Sangria in beautiful Spain!

Also you should definitely hang out at the Beach in the summer, because there are a lot of Promoters running around to find people for Partying. 
To the subject sightseeing:
You should definitely visit the Park Guelle. Its this amazing Park you always see in movies or on pictures.
Not to forget: Barcelona is located  in Catalunia, that means that here most of the people speak Catalan instead of Castillano.


I need to say that I definitely prefer Valencia than Barcelona. Valencia is not the south of Spain, but it has more this Spanish Flair than Barcelona. 
Valencia also know as the city of the oranges. 
In Valencia we spend our night in the Red Nest hostel. Really retro and nice. Upstairs there is kind of a little bar in the Hostel and you have a place outside to hang out. There will always be promoters to get you to do pubcrawling and I guess i never had in my life 6 Pub crawlings in a row.
The Red nest hostel has another hostel the purple nest hostel and during the nights often the guests of both hostels meet to celebrate together.
Valencia is really very nice and good for Partying. 

There are two Clubs I can definitly recommend: 
Calcutta and the Club at the "Ciudad de artes"

Ciudad de artes is a place in Valencia were you can see big modern Buildings which looks like they were build in the 2080. Like sience fiction movies. Its really great to visit that place and in the night you had a Club night in one of the Monuments. It was awesome. Amazing and Valencia is really a Beautifull city. 

Day 6 to 9 MADRID
Madrid is also an amazing city. Known for the Bulls, for the Art, and for the food.
Our Hostel here was the U Hostel, and it was one of the bests we had. 
Very clean. Many rooms. Nice people. Movie room. Pub Crawling... 

Here we visited some parks, the Queens Monuments, the city and some Party Locations. 
Also in this Hostel we met some great People from all over the world. Some from California, Australians.
In the evening we played like a lot of drinking Games and there you always get to know a lot of people. We went to one Club in Madrid. But seriously after partying for 6 nights you definitly want some days of just going to bed. 

Some Tipps for Backpacking in Spain and in Generel: 
1) take a real towel with you instead of the Backpacking ones
2) Bring good shoes to walk in 
3) Take Buses (Avanza, etc) instead of trains
4) Book Hostels before you come
5) Be open to meet a lot of new people
6) Try Paella and Sangria
7) Go out in the nightlife
8) Try to dont walk alone in the night
9) Take care of Pickpockets

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