Nor Cal Roadtrip 2- Santa Cruz, Monterey, Big Sur

This time we spend a weekend driving down. Our North California Roudtrip just took us some 200 Miles, but there are so many beautiful and hidden Places or things to do and to see down here that you dont really need to drive much more. 


Our little Trip startet in Belmont. The City in which Maxi is living. Again its Maxi, Sonja and me who hit the road. Our Roadtrip was planned for 2 days. And the day we left, was my Birthday. 


Our first stop was San Jose, where we spend Thanksgiving with Maxis Grandparents. We just spend the evening there. Celebrating the day, eating Turkey and having fun. 


First real Stop: Santa Cruz. 
I was again in Santa Cruz. But this time we did not just spend some hours in the amusement park at Boardway, this time we went to the downtown city, and then to the Surfmuseum. We thought about a big museum about the history of surfing, but it was just a little Place in a light tower. But it was really nice to take a look. Next to the Surf Museum is the Beach. The waves are really great there and at this sunny day there were a lot of surfer taking the big waves. 


Carmel is a great and sweet town at the bay. We parked our car  and walked down the streets. We had great weather conditions and the town was decorated with a lot of Christmas decoration. 
I just found a website with fun facts about this little 4000 people town: 
"No street adresses"
"permit required to wear high heals" 
"no chain restaurants" 
"Clint Eastwood was the Major"
After walking around for some time we went to the amazing beach to see the sunset. You should definitely do that! 

Monterey was the city were we spend our night. We had booked a room with two queen size Beds in the Plaza Hotel. After arriving we ate dinner in an Italian Restaurant. Then we decided to go out. We went to the "Sly Bar"- which was more a Jazz and Blues Bar- but with good cocktails and then we went to the "English Pub" with great english bear and a good athmosphere. 
The next morning we went to an awesome Aquarium. I think it was one of the biggest in California.
The Jellyfish Experience is a must for everyone.


Big Sur
Our last stop was the Road down to big sur.
You drive the Highway number one over great bridges and you have an amazing view. We stopped at a great placed called phoenix. Its like a Cafe and Restaurant with an Shop together with the best view ever. 

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