Highway number one - Roadtrip

Keep calm and "roadtrip"

We had exactly 30 Hours for our trip. Work  conditions makes it sometimes not easy for a lot of traveling.
I know, my last travels are a long time ago but now I am back, with a really great Roadtrip. 

We startet in the morning on Saturday. Bought a lot of food and water and paked our car with sleepingbags and other things we could need for our trip. At 3 Pm we drove from San Mateo to San Francisco to pic up Sonja. We hit the road together and drove next to the Ocean Beach to the Golden Gate bridge. 

Muir Beach 
Muir Beach is not really a beach like you would know it. It was like a Place up there on the rocks where you had an awesome view over the Sea. Muir Beach was our first stop after driving one and a half our. We walked down the stairs to a view point and watched the sunset.
After the sunset it got really dark. We drove the Highway number one up and we made some stops at Gasstations to get some water or Postcards. After round about 5 hours we made a Stop in a little Village named Point Reyes station. There we had some Coffe in a Bar and a little Rest. 
After Pit Reyes station we drove through Miller Park up to Bodega bay. It was difficult to see a lot in the dark but we guys hat a lot of fun while listening to funky music and our useless talks. 
After hours of driving we arrived in Ford Bragg where we decided to spend the night. We found a good place for our car and locked it to sleep there. 

After a really hard night we drove for the sunset to Menocino 

Stop: Mendocino 
Menocino is known for an old Criminal show and Maxi really wanted to see that City. Mendocino has a Population of round about 1,100 people and is a beautiful little city next to the sea. 
"Many movies have been filmed in and around Mendocino and Mendocino County, including Dying Young, The Russians Are Coming; Overboard (actually filmed in Fort Bragg); The Dunwich Horror; The Karate Kid, Part III; Dead & Buried; Forever Young; Same Time Next Year; Racing with the Moon (partially filmed in Fort Bragg); Pontiac Moon; and The Majestic (also partially filmed in Fort Bragg). Mendocino was depicted as turn-of-the-20th-century Monterey in the James Dean classic East of Eden, and it served as a New England resort town in Summer of '42 (the latter film featuring numerous local Mendocino High School students as extras)
However, the TV series Murder, She Wrote has had the largest impact on the community. Murder, She Wrote was set in the fictional town of Cabot Cove, Maine."- Wikipedia 

On our way we also passed some really lonely streets in the middle of California. We made some stopps to buy some fruits on a small market and make some Fotos on the lonely streets. 

Stop: Lake Sonoma
Lake Sonoma was not really planned. But after driving the wrong way it was the only possibility to get back to Highway number one. 
Lake Sonoma ist not a real lake. Long time before it was a little Village. Now it was filled up with water and it became a nice place for tourists, fishers or divers. 

We drove a really long time and had beautiful views over the sea, the forest and other awesome places. It was great to have awesome people with me to explore a bit more the northern California and we are definitly not disappointed. Great tour.

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