Hawaii - Lana'i Island

My Hawaii trip startet Monday, the 14. October 2013. I took the Plane from San Francisco to Maui. From Maui then I took the fairy to Lanai Island. 
Lanai Island, also known as Pineapple Island (because of the past pineapple plantations).
The Island is one of the eight Hawaiian Islands and the 6st biggest one. The Population on the Island is really small and the only City, or better saying, Village is Lanai City. 

After six hours of flight I landed at the small Maui Airport, welcomed by a lot of Alohas and friendly smiles. A Shuttle Bus drove us over the Island to the Boat docking, where we took our Fairy to Lanai. The way to Lanai took me maybe 45 Minutes and finally I arrived here. 
The weather was awesome, really a bit tropical hot. 

I stayed in the four Seasons Resort, one of the biggest Hotels here on this Island, maybe the only Hotel this Island has, next to the Lanai City Hotel, in the middle of the City. Well, yes this hotel is really Expensive, but my reason to stay was not to make nice holidays, but for work. 

The first day: I arrived here round about 2pm and after the flight and the fairy i decided to go directly to the pool. The Resort is really awesome. Its luxury, and great the chill out and relax- if you re there for it, not for work. But of course I had free time, to explore the Island and the nature. This day was more calm. Relaxing, eating, beach and Pool. 

The second day: Todays highlight was the horsebackriding. I drove with the Shuttlebus to the other resort. From there to the Ranch. You felt like in Texas or in other american Cowboy states. It was a guided tour around the Island. Inbetween all this great tropical typical Hawaiian Flora and Fauna. Really awesome.

The third day: Today I did not worked so much, I red my books, went to the beach or to the pool and watched some TV Shows. More calm today.

The forth day: I drove with the Shuttlebus to the Lanai City. The only City here on this Island. And its really small. The main city is around the Dole Park. There are some Grocery Stores, not the newest ones, more in little hawaiian Woodhouses, a church, a school, some Art Galleries and Gift Shops and the really "new" hawaiian bank. You feel like in an old movie. It was really exciting to visit this city.

After that I went Snuba diving. Its something between snorling and diving. Instead to have the Oxygen Bootle on your back, you carry it on top of the water on a little plastic boat. The Guide checks your Oxygen and everything, its a pretty good idea, to do Snuba, because you dont really need a certificate, you would need for Scuba diving and its much easier.

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